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At Milan, the doorkeeper prevents Monica from bringing to the tombs of the saints porridge, bread and wine Augustine, Conf. 6,2. Doorkeepers are mentioned by Pope Gelasius Ep. 14,2: Thiel 363. For Pope Pelagius d. 561 the ministries of the doorkeeper and the bishop are at two extremes, the former the lowest and the latter the highest, in the ecclesiastical hierarchy Liber pont. Hyderabad Metro Map 1,303; cfr. 1,309.

The office of doorkeeper in the Roman church was replaced, accordng to Duchesne, by the mansionarii sacristans Origines du culte chrtien, Paris 5 1925, p. 365, n. 3; for the mansionarii cf. Diehl 1290 and 1290A. There are testimonies of doorkeepers at Trier 13, 789; Diehl 1288 and Salona CIL 3, 13142; Diehl 1289; see index of Diehl, vol. III, p. 374, at Jerusalem DACL 14,1532f., and at Hippo, where Augustine named a needy ostiarius of the church of St. Theogenes Ep. 26, Divjak. According to the Statuta ecclesiae antiqua, written in Gaul in the second half of the 5th c., we have the ordination of a doorkeeper: When a doorkeeper is ordained, at the beginning it falls to the archdeacon to explain to him how he must comport himself in the house of God.

Then at the signal of the archdeacon, the bishop will give him the keys of the church and will say to him: Be attentive,’ alluding to the fact that he will have to give an account to God of the things he guarded with these keys can 97. Hyderabad Metro Map Isidore of Seville writes that the doorkeeper had authority to allow only the faithful to enter church and to reject the unworthy De off. 2,15: PL 83,974. The Council of Narbonne 589 joins the office of doorkeeper with attending to the doors can. 13. The Council of Toledo 597 established that, in the absence of a priest or deacon, the bishop chooses a doorkeeper, who maintains the cleaning of the church, and who, every evening, lights all the candles of the holy relics can. 2; the Council of Toledo of 633 ordered that the doorkeepers watch over the only door by which the bishops should enter can. 4 on the occasion of a council. Hyderabad Metro Map In antiquity there were penitents who could not have access to orders; they were permitted, in some places, to become doorkeepers see Council of Toledo in 397400: can. 2; Braga in 572: can. 23; the subdeacon widower, if he remarried, was demoted to the rank of doorkeeper Council of Toledo in 397400: can. 4; Braga in 572: can. 44. The office of doorkeeper was abolished in 1972 by Pope Paul VI, after the Vatican II Council Ministeria quaedam, in Enchiridion Vaticanum 4,1749-1770.

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