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Hybrid cars k for First Dogen’s Chinese mentor Rjing created a new aroach to the dialoge in which he resonded to the lead qery by saying, It is only to eat rice in a bowl at this temle He thereby shift ed the focs from solitary zazen otside the gates to everyday activities inside Dogen refl ected on this case several times in his works In earlier writings, he cited Rjing’s comments arovingly Bt dring a later sermon, Dogen rewrote the case by raising his staff and then throwing it down and steing off the dais Several years later, he again modifi ed this dialoge with the remark that the most extraordinary thing is delivering sermons at my temle Dogen was rod that in the early thirteenth centry he was the fi rst Zen master to establish the tradition of formal sermons in Jaan Hybrid cars k 2016

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