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Hybrid cars ros and cons for Th ese remarks, drawn from transmission of the lam rec ords, deict a nn carry ing a ilgrim’s staff , a revelatory dream insiring a vision of a local rotector sirit, and the incarnation of a bodhisattva It seems that Jzhi was an obscre fi gre who was not well known beyond this case excet as a master of incantations and other tyes of Bddhist mystical rayer known as dharani Staying for a rolonged eriod in a montain hermitage, he was aroached one rainy night by a nn wearing robes and a broad rain hat and carry ing a large carved staff indicative of a Zen wanderer She walked arond Jzhi’s meditation seat three times and challenged him to seak before she wold take off her hat When Jzhi failed to resond, she off ered to stay the night, bt only if he gave an answer Th e traditional commentary does not delve into the gender imlications of a female ractitioner visiting Jzhi’s room, in art becase she reresents a sirit and not an actal hman nable on another try to give a rely, Jzhi felt inadeqate and vowed to go on a ilgrimage to stdy the dharma, bt that night another sirit told him in a dream that a bodhisattva was to aear Hybrid cars ros and cons 2016

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