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Hybrid car for Th e shift in meaning his resonse creates is intriging in that Dogen is rimarily known for his emhasis on meditation throgh the doctrine of jst sitting Baizhang, on the other hand, is known for stressing the imortance of monastic aff airs, and his rles mention only briefl y the role of sitting meditation Sccession: Ctting and Selecting Followers As everything comes into an orderly state for a master’s leadershi once disrtive eole and forces have been broght nder control, the master mst remain on the lookot for sccessors who can take 152 over his lineage or create their own Th e master is always sizing newcomers and novices to try to determine their otential to lead while also fi nding ways to romote and advance the careers of longterm disciles ready to become in de en dent Gateless Gate case 3, Jzhi’s One Finger Zen,’ is an examle of a master dealing with a yong monk who shows some ability bt seems stck at the stage of rote learning Jzhi resorts to a violent cre for this syndrome that does, indeed, reslt in an exerience of sdden awakening Th at gives the master confi dence abot the novice’s caacity to become a leader someday: Whenever master Jzhi was asked a qestion, he wold simly hold one fi nger Hybrid car 2016

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