Huyuk for Bernard Crick writes that the attempt to politicize everything is the destruction of politics. When everything is seen as relevant to politics, then politics has in fact become totalitarian. . . . To ensure that there be politics at all, there must be some things at least which are irrelevant to politics.19 Politics cannot and should not embrace everything. Huyuk 2016.

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Data collected in the s and s showed that, even though many mothers had jobs, they spent more time with children. In these studies, fathers spent, on average, only percent as much time with children as mothers did. Data collected from a national representative sample in reveal that fathers in intact families now spend more time with children. On weekdays, fathers of infants spent percent as much time as mothers in activities and in being available for activities with infants, but on weekends, they spent percent as much time. Fathers do proportionately less caregiving than mothers, but they spend exactly the same amount of time in social activities.

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