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How to visit china for Th e initial great and still the most comlex and lengthy of the major Song dynasty koan collections in terms of content and strctre is the Ble Cliff Record, blished in 1128, which contains rose andverse comments on a hndred case rec ords In this work, editor Yanw rovides an extensive discssion of each case, inclding an innovative hybrid rose- oetic form of commentary known as caing hrases, which are inserted into every line of the dialoge Th ese remarks are on cases that were initially selected and given oetic comments in 1038 by Xedo, a brilliant monk- literats who was one of the fi rst creators of koan rec ords Th e mltile layers of allsion evoking diverse writings rodced by revios Zen and other Bddhist and non- Bddhist Chinese literary sorces makes the Ble Cliff Record a fascinating collection worthy of being endlessly exlored Th is text has generated scores of volmes of interretative comments by Zen leaders Another similarly or ga nized koan collection is the Record of Serenity, blished in 1224 Th is work contains Wansong’s rose and cainghrase remarks on a comilation of a hndred cases, with verse comments, initially selected by the renowned master Hongzhi, recorded abot sixty years before How to visit china 2016

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