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Hello guys. So in the last post that I made talked about how Livio was being held by these people in Beijing, and I was having a lot of trouble getting my visa to China having a really hard time if you haven’t seen that post then maybe you want to go, and see that before this. Because I feel like it just well it comes before I just want to say thank you guys so much if you guys sing you’ll make it keep going don’t let it get you down I just I appreciate all that so much really really meant a lot to me the update about Livio if you watch the other posts, and you know Livio was being held by these people in beijing told his passport from him they were keeping him until he paid them this money here’s actually like assigned bodyguards. But these were just normal guys that worked at the school even they told him before all this crazy stuff happened don’t work here really bad place to work it’s good that they showed their crazy side actually before Livio signed the one-year contract just. So glad that Livio is out of that not going to be getting my visa to china in singapore i am going to be going to hong kong i saw that some of you guys suggested that that actually i was like already in hong kong when it uploaded the post good advice.

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Because it’s working out now, I’m going to get a 10 year visa rather than a two-month visa which is obviously a lot better, and it be back Kris post soon it’s just stretching on, and on this whole process. But thank you guys so much for your support it doesn’t matter to me, and just thank you so much, and here’s the post right now I am finally headed to the gardens gotten to the gardens this is some sort of little lake by the marina basin I expected that the gardens would be super crowded with people but. So far I haven’t really seen anybody it’s just actually eerily empty here we have more of the green lake, and some dragon flies in France the marina base has always a lot of things are in front of the Marina Bay Sands like the entire area of the city it is called the marina area has been specifically designed to highlight, and make the Marina Bay Sands look as picturesque as possible included in as many selfies as possible lovely gardens that, I’m walking through now still no people I don’t know what’s going on part that, I’m most excited about going to is the cloud forest. So I think that’s where, I’m going to head now I just got into the concourse, and expects dip sitting here there’s this enormous waterfall I love you so much it is so incredible really really spectacular there’s all these myths that they’re always setting off it’s all around me right now it’s so so beautiful in this very very epic way continuing on oh my gosh this is this just looks like something out of another world look at this looks like something from a movie or the future I already love Singapore, and now I love the garden. So worth the $20 that it takes to go both here in flower dome guys you have to come here apparently where you walk up in the clouds is called a lost world that’s only sounds like a place I want to go walking on the top level right now there’s a view of the whole city out of the post a beautiful path here well here I am in a rocking chair kind of thing there are all of these chairs dispersed by the lake, and they all have you of you’ll never guess what ruby’s have just gotten into the flower dome as the name suggests it is a pill kind of eats are real when you walk in. Because it’s like you’re in a forest or a garden there’s air conditioning for WOD which is a huge change from the heat outside.

So they’re playing all these like really soothing music the air smells. So good in here like flowers living the harder now it’s actually really cold in here apparently they keep the temperature, and the climate in here a level of eternal spring is what they say great for the plants, and the trees that I I think, I’m actually going to come back at night to they have these really colorful spectacular lights, and everything now I am going to do my magic. But, and turn it tonight okay that wasn’t. So hard now we can explore the gardens with the lights on feel like I am in some sort of fairytale wonderland right now the trees behind me they call them super trees, and I think it’s an awesome name for that very enchanted garden like , and to not focus on me found a bench to fit on where the prize surprised a perfect view of the Marina Bay Sands naturally a weeping willow here like draped over the bench, and it’s kind of in this little corner looking out at a lake that’s beautifully ended up with light super trees this way Marina Bay fans over there go romantic just seems made for kissing. But lives in here that’s just what I thought.

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