Hi, I’m Alex. And I have to tell you that you can change the world that’s right you can change the world. I like ah God no yeah it’s really. And if you’re anything like me. And I have a feeling that your you want to be a better person you want to be a good person you want to make a good impact. And you want to contribute. And you want to help. But I don’t know, I’m just life gets too busy. And you get caught up. And you forget. And if you haven’t seen my post of the secret living is giving please do, I’m gonna link it below because this is very very important that you actually realize the importance of contribution to this world. And I haven’t realized how rewarding it is to to give back. And it’s awesome. And it is really changing your focus instead of like how can I get something from this world into how can I contribute is really life-changing. I am learning this. So, I’m not gonna be like oh this is how you do it. I, I’m a total total beginner. And I’m just the more. I think about how. I can help other people the more, I’m realizing that. I have been very very selfish. And just really thinking okay how can I take care of myself. So part of these efforts is. I would like to share with you ideas that. I am doing to contribute to the world. And I hope that this will inspire you.


And it’s not as well as it’s just gonna be informed as well. Because I imagine if you’re busy working like you want to country but you just want to know like where like. I know a lot of people that would be more than willing to give money or time. I have been asking around. I remember. I even called around for different like dog shelters. And they didn’t need any help but how like, I’m really like. I would love to like walk dogs or foster or you know anyways um that’s a long introduction that’s what, I’m about to say. So recently. I decided that. I have been extremely extremely extremely blessed with health. I have been very very healthy all my life my entire immediate family has been very healthy too. And I’m more than grateful for that um. So I decided that it’s really something that. I should share with people And So by either way you can share health is donate. So I am a registered donor on my driver’s license. So if any or anything ever happens to me my organs will be donated, I’m very happy. I do that. I don’t know some people that say well. I don’t want to be ripped apart when. I do, I’m like who cares. I mean yeah. I don’t get it. I think yeah but it’s your personal decision. So good for you now. I want to talk to you about donating a bone marrow. And now. I I am not a doctor. And this is not a medical or legal advice. And this is this claimer. So, I’m not gonna go into detail about like what can happen to you when you don’t know bone marrow I’ve been reading on their website. And I can tell you what I’ve read but by no means treated as you know me as an authority you have to do your own research this is just an idea that. I want you to entertain. And perhaps you can do on research like. I did. And make the decision yourself. So absolutely, I’m not encouraging you, I’m just showing you what, I’m doing. So register recently at the website called beta match calm. And it’s completely for free but you can choose to donate to help find more donors. So you register. And they send you back this little kit. And I’ll show you how to do it what it takes to register your saliva basically we get this cotton tipped applicators. And you just swipe it inside your face but. So what’s interesting when. I was registering. I didn’t realize a few things first of all that you know you can say literally saved someone’s life. And saved the world second of all, I’m actually not very likely to be a donor of all things because, I’m white in them of European descent. And that seems to be where the most donors are from. And it’s not really it’s not really limiting you but from what.

I was reading in an theis in America right now it’s there are a lot of it’s really more your ancestry is like extremely extremely important to become a donor. And again. I didn’t know that but it is. And because because of my European roots. And because of my skin color. I am not very likely to be a donor however people of color Native Americans Asians any sort of like race makes people are like you know they’re like. So needed for bone marrow because it’s this is where they really really missing. And I keep thinking someone can die. And I have the bone marrow. I can share with my body some people say it’s extremely painful to you know to get your bone marrow out of your body but it’s a general anesthesia. So I don’t think it’s that bad. I mean if even if it’s painful it’s reasonably safe, I’m very very careful saying that it’s safe because you know every surgery has some sort of risk but you know. I had the same time you’re saving someone’s life. So it’s kind of like a big deal. And yeah. I just feel like. I kind of imagine that someone actually can die. And that’s like my family member or someone who can die. Because I didn’t register. So it doesn’t commit me to anything. And they do contact me ahead of time to you know make sure that you know, I’m still up for for the challenge. And I’m still up for donating my bone marrow if they find it right match. But I thought it doesn’t hurry gesturing it doesn’t cost me anything. And at the second share with you what it takes. And it really all it takes is filling out an application online they are racial history. And they ask you about a few medical questions including for example if you have had a few concussions in your life which was, I’m not really sure how it’s connected. But I would love to much let me know in the comments below why it’s connected. And I’ll show you right now. I’ll be swallowing these. And how to use this. So you get an idea. And perhaps you can join me on this little challenge that we have. And go to be the match the are being. So yeah, I’m gonna do this one right now of course always you know cookie. And peanuts next to me. So you get this little piece of paper, I’m gonna remove this hmm just like that, I’m gonna take one small open it right here there to take it out put it on your mouth. And rub it against your cheek for seconds. And then. I stick it that piece of paper now, I’m going to repeat this step for another three swabs but it has to be a different spot on your chica. And the fourth one my last flag. And it took me seconds say a minute to get my samples ready that’s what they look like. And I’m closing them putting them. And their prepaid envelope sending them. And just waiting hopefully did my my DNA will be a match for someone. And I’ll get to domain, I’m gonna keep my fingers gross that’s it thanks for reading.

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