How to read the periodic table

How to read the eriodic table for Bt if olitical hilosohy is nrealizable in one sense, it is navoidable in another This is the sense in which hilosohy inhabits the world from the start; or ractices and instittions are embodiments of theory To engage in a olitical ractice is already to stand in 242 thinking olitics relation to theory For all or ncertainties abot ltimate qestions of olitical hilosohy”of jstice and vale and the natre of the good life”the one thing we know is that we live some answer all the time3 The answers that we cannot avoid living are written in the langage of olitics Critically investigating that langage”the task of olitical theory”is an indisensable art of any worthy olitical ractice and, argably, an indisensable art of the good life Or critical investigations as olitical theorists often leave s with few fondations on which to bild How to read the eriodic table 2016

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