How to Prepare for Your Dog’s First Trip Abroad

Taking your dog on a trip abroad is now simpler than it used to be. The process is much easier, and a lot of places are now becoming more pet-friendly. However, you should still do a lot of research to make sure that you have the proper requirements to visit a specific place with your pet. You must also take into consideration all of your dog’s needs before you travel. Here are a few things you must prepare if you want to take your pet on vacation.

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Visit the vet

If you are traveling abroad with your dog, you must inform your veterinarian right away. Your vet can help you process some of the requirements needed to visit a destination. They can also check if your dog is fit enough to take the trip. Your vet will conduct blood tests, vaccinations, and will put on microchips to help identify your dog easily. Take note that each airline in each country can have different requirements for traveling pets, so be sure to know the specifics before you book a flight.

Prepare for the varying temperatures

Your dog will need to adjust to the new environment. As much as possible, don’t take your dog to places with temperatures that are extremely different from your home. This will only make it difficult for the both of you. If you do go to places with slightly different temperatures, be sure to pack the proper clothing and other accessories that your dog will need for the weather.

Pack supplies your pet will need

Your dog will require more than just clothing on your trip. Your pet will also need some food, a portable litter box, grooming supplies, a leash and a collar, and a first aid kit along with the needed medications. It’s always good to bring a canine first aid kit with you. You’ll never know what could happen to your dog during your trip, so it’s best to always be prepared. Also, have a container of water with you all the time because your dog might get thirsty during your long walks.

Update pet identification

You must let your dog wear a sturdy dog collar with ID tags during your entire trip. Your permanent address and contact details must be placed on the tag. You can also include your hotel address and other necessary information so that it will be easier to find you when your dog gets lost and picked up by someone else.

Also, bring a recent photo of your dog with you so that it will be easier for the police and other people to help you look for your pet.

Know the customs laws

It is important for you to know the exact requirements for your pet to visit a specific country. Customs laws can vary depending on the location, and some countries might not even allow the entry of foreign dogs without proper permission. Other countries require dogs to undergo a quarantine process which could take months. If countries do allow the entry of dogs, be prepared to show them that your pet has been given all the necessary tests and vaccinations.

Look for pet-friendly accommodations

Finding the right accommodation for you and your dog can be a challenge. Some airlines will not allow dogs in their plane, so be sure to clarify that you are bringing a pet before you book your tickets. When you arrive in your country of destination and successfully pass customs and other necessary checks, your next challenge will be finding a transportation that will allow pets inside. It would be best if you pre-book an airport pick-up ride to make things less hassle.

Traveling with a pet can be a very challenging experience. If you really do not want to leave your dog or any other pet alone in your home, then you must be ready to face the different problems you might encounter. In the end, your trip will be worthwhile since you are able to spend some time with your pet in a new place.

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