Hi thanks for clicking on my post my name is Aguilar this is travel and her shoes and welcome to another topic. I would like to talk to you about and that is how to learn a foreign language for example English and, I know to make a post in English about how to learn English it’s kind of weird. But I find out, I’m gonna put some subtitles underneath for those of you whose English is not fluent enough and probably are interested in topic how to learn English the reason. I recording this post is because a lot of girls that happen to follow me along on my journey whether it’s an Instagram on Facebook are polish because Paula, I’m polish as well that’s my background and they always like oh my god Aggie how did you learn to speak English. So well well here. I am to tell you how. I did it to be honest. I had to tell you two things right at the beginning. I did not have a talent for languages and, I bet that’s the number one excuse that you can make up in your head like well Aggie speaks English. So well because she must have talent for languages that actually is not true. I did not get submitted to a lot of fancy bilingual high schools because it said that. I don’t have a natural talent for languages. So I went to a normal high school and right at the end of my high school my English was. So bad. I was at the least advanced level from all my friends I’d say up until. I was years old my English was super basic it was only towards the end of my high school times that my English started to get better and the reason was that.

I stopped having private teacher. But I went to a school that was teaching the direct Kalin method and that’s a special language method that is basically based on how you learn a language. So there is no polish involved whatsoever and you speak percent of the time you barely ride by Perley weeds and it’s basically based on how you actually use the language because whenever you in a foreign country you mostly speak ninety five percent and, I find out whenever you learn a language you focus. So much in writing rules and reading and that’s not how you use the language when you’re actually living in a country or visiting an english-speaking country you get off the plane and you like okay like where do. I get a taxi how do. I get there where’s the best restaurant to eat these are the stuff you need to know and what. I like about this method is that it doesn’t focus on reading or writing or getting things right and focuses on talking talking talking and that’s like this was awesome at years old. I decided to move to Australia for a year to study English and my English at that point. I thought was okay but then. I worked in Australia and, I could not understand anyone because everyone had a very thick Australian accent that. I wasn’t familiar with. I was also very embarrassed to speak English and, I was very um disheartened. Because I couldn’t really be myself and, I couldn’t communicate how funny. I am how. I wasn’t quick enough in that foreign language because by the time.


I came up with a joke was already too late. So I felt like. I could not really be myself and, I totally understand the frustration that you have right now whether it’s English or any other language you want to speak it and you want to be yourself in that language but you can’t because your brain is translating from polish Spanish to English whatever the language you have to be the whole trick is to think in that language to feel and experience it and there is no substitute of going to another country and really feeling like this is a couch this is a top and putting on a top and, I think when you have that connection of experiencing the language with your body will be way easier for you to remember if it’s just in the class and you’re learning how do. I get to where is the best restaurant and just like repeating it after a teacher as opposed to you like you are freaking hungry and you don’t know how to say the restaurant and finally learn and, I bet you like you will remember that word forever because the the connection in your science connection is actually way stronger. I would also say the number one way to learn English is Khan students like. I can’t stress it enough there is no substitute of stepping outside of yourself and you know like too bad, I’m gonna make mistakes, I’m not going to be correct but that’s okay. Because I need to communicate. I have to talk to help top its it always surprises me. So much whenever, I’m whether you guys write to me and say hey a gay like what tense would use, I’m like who cares just say it it doesn’t matter what sentence it doesn’t like my Spanish super basic and, I talk in ones like oh.

I kiss your Spanish. So good, I’m like no. I talk. I go yesterday and, I went tomorrow bah bah bah that’s basically my Spanish. But I talk talk talk talk and people get it. So don’t the reason why we don’t talk or don’t feel like we our English is good enough because we’re. So self-conscious thinking of how we’re gonna be perceived by other people whether we gonna look silly or whether the pursue understand what we’re saying no don’t like don’t care just talk and the more you talk to native speakers the better your English will get and it all comes from you trusting that it’s not about you and your ego it’s about you learning and trying to communicate with that person and, I have never had a negative situation when someone was rude to me because they said, I’m sorry like your English socks or like you shouldn’t be here never ever ever everyone’s always very helpful everyone always wants to understand it’s always exciting And So do not feel this hard don’t feel Scarlett and, I go repeated again and again and again do not worry about sentences structures. I don’t know like grandma rules cuz this is something that yes of course you can use it but then. I was in Australia. I was like native speaker mistake oh that’s wrong he use the wrong tense oh no that’s the wrong structure oh you can’t use that like no one actually pays attention and even here in America we don’t listen to people, I’m like totally used to wrong pens or it has to be a thing like oh this guy reasons like man that’s a correct like it doesn’t matter as long you are able to communicate and understand circus ed drama create grandma creates drama actually that’s what its gonna say it really does because you worry. So much and you overthink every structure just make it simple talk don’t give yourself a safety net.

So talk to native speakers as much as you can and one final thing is to have a motivation because if you feel like you will never use the language there is very little motivation and when you have the right motivation you can do anything you want and my motivation was that. I wanted to communicate with as many people around the world as possible and, I wanted to be myself in another language. Because I felt like, I’m slightly different person. But I wanted to discover that part of myself and the my dream was not to worry about accent and by the way that’s like another thing that’s really funny because accents aren’t cute accents are your story they tell you tell people are you from and it’s beautiful it’s like your looks you know it’s like it’s part of who you are part of who. I am is being polish. So I really treasure my polish accent actually used to be way more Australian when. I moved to America and, I was like oh yeah Australian, I’m like oh no, I’m not. So I am super happy about having a polish accent and, I think accents are super sexy like. I can’t imagine Sofia Vergara not having an accent and she puts it on big time because she knows it’s part of her personality it’s part of her being in like a sexy latina and it’s awesome. So, I’m gonna be, I’m gonna latina hard but it’s new European by blood and, I’m totally gonna use it for to my advantage not against myself. So don’t worry about accents talk talk talk find your motivation imagine how many people you can communicate with speaking English or any other language that you want to learn how many opportunities can be for you for your work how many friends you can meet it’s just gonna be like your global possibilities and know where those textures don’t worry about accents just talk talk talk and enjoy it and judge yourself don’t be. So hard on yourself no one really cares and no one’s going to judge you and if they judge you then you can totally judge them but being judgey if you found this post useful and encouraging please leave me a comment below or subscribe to my blog it will really help me create more posts and, I would really appreciate it all right cool thank you bye.

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