Hi guys this is Aggie from travel on her shoes. And I have promised you my dear tribe that if. I get, likes on this photo let me see where as my feed there it is if. I get, likes on this photo then. I will promise a tutorial. And I got almost. I mean. So many photos. I could show you how. I edited. But I’ll start with this one. And this is before on the left. And this is after. I am using Lightroom to edit all of my photos this is an Adobe soft. And this particular one is Adobe Lightroom cc. So there are two versions of Adobe these days. I don’t know why but, I’m using the CC version because that’s where all my presets are alright. So as you can see this is the before. And this is the after. I just want to say right at the beginning there is nothing wrong with this photo like. I know a lot of you is like. I like the original better why would you play around with the photo it’s a coloring it’s like playing it’s something it’s a creative process. And there is no right or wrong answer you just added the way you see the world. And the way you like it. So do not get upset again there’s no you know, I’m only editing. Because I love it. I love the fun of it.


I love the coloring it keep brings me joy it’s a lot of fun. And I feel like editing. And photos Eve not sixty percent of a good photo you can save it Lots especially if you’re good at Photoshop but then it’s even more alright. So let me let me show you from the beginning this is the copy of this photo sauce start over here. And let’s see how what it looks like. So this is the photo. I have plenty of my own preset. So the first thing. I do whenever. I start editing in photo is going through all of my presets. And here on the left. I get a little preview of what happens if. I use my person like that that’s not a bit preset but, I’m gonna keep looking to find the right one see this one makes me look super pale but it’s not a bad person just not the look. I like. And yes these presets will be available on sale. And the funny thing is like it’s crazy how much that’s not about pre-study there. But I will keep looking. And surprisingly all the way down here Aggie sunset is appreciated. I ended up choosing, I’m just gonna make it slightly brighter. And you probably did your first reaction would be oh my god Aggie what are these white lines on the side on the side here there was like it’s worked exactly. So this particular preset if. I go down over here. And lens correction manual. I distorted myself. So this is the undistorted version. And I always find these sometimes when Mike was too close taking a photo of some other photographer. I use this distortion to pull you see that’s an exaggerated version but see how that pulls a person in. And it distorts it a lot. I mean, I’m just gonna do it at like percent cuz. I like when it’s it kind of pulls you into the photo. And also makes me smaller. And whenever it’s a shot too close. So okay let’s do it. And now we’re gonna crop. So the very first thing on the left over here it’s by which is the Instagram format. And I’m gonna play around these two lines over here.

And two lines over here oh as so-called rule of third you want to have an object in either of these you kind of don’t want to have an object running through these lines. So it would be very weird framing if. I kind of put myself right there for example or something that. I would put it like. I don’t know just look you know. I kind of want to have this is, I’m really good at this tutorial sorry. I need it coffee you see. So for example if fun framing would be to using this little squirt to put the fruit basket over there. And then that gives me my head. And this. And this related thank you can it either one. I have a plank or the busy you don’t want things to be running halfway through it like say that would be uh actually. I mean it can’t works. So again this is just a guideline. And it’s totally up to you. I don’t follow it religiously. I just kind of see how the photo looks like. I have heard a lot of people that would say that they only crop on their phones just to get an idea all right cool. So sorry about that let’s do this this will be my new framing. And now. I kind of like the color of water already. And I’m not gonna play around with it too much. But I want to show you. And start with the most powerful. And my favorite part about Lightroom. So here on the right, I’m scrolling down. And there is the colors. And this lets you play with colors individually. So you have red orange yellow green aqua blue purple magenta okay. So, I’m going to green. And then now, I’m going to actually. And I just wanted to see what happens when the slider goes to the left into the right it’s pretty straightforward it already kind of gives you oh if you go to the right it will be like super blue. And if you go to the left it’s gonna be green let’s see if that happens Oh super green Oh a super blue aqua. So that’s like super simple to adjust the water color that you like the most. And if. I go down to blue that also effects the water. So I like my water to be a more blue than green. But I know that Instagram prefers blue better. I mean green not Michael my blue. But I like this boot.

I also like the bright. So, I’m luminance is the brightness only at this particular color. So take a look at the difference what happens if. I turn the luminance up. And I just affect the water. And I stay the same or what happens when you exposure very different see. So exposure is for the entire photo luminance of a particular color only effect this particular car which is super powerful information to have. And I’m just gonna crank up luminance to give the idea of like this nice bright water over here. And see. So, I’m gonna keep it nice. And bright. And then saturation gives me an idea of how saturated want to be. I don’t like super saturated colors, I’m gonna keep it right here. And I already am liking this photo. So much better, I’m like this water second thing is basically photo is flat like obviously that’s very smart tutorial, I’m doing. So well. So you want to make it as three-dimensional as possible. So your eye is way more powerful than a camera. And way more powerful than the photograph. So if you want to give this idea of non flat image there are a few little tricks number one will be clarity which kind of gives this idea of see a like a pear person popping popping out of the photo, I’m actually gonna go clarity plus then because why not number two is adding shadows. And highlights. So receive shadows. And highlights here – you down its secret. I don’t like bird photos like that. And shadows up but that actually makes photos very flat. So my little trick is using this little brush over here you. And then. I will be darkening. So, I’m literally just painting. And if you’re not sure where you’re painting a press. And the O letter O. And it shows you that thing that you’re painting in red. So, I’m just gonna paint my body because what happens I like my photos brighter. So I almost overexposed them but then. I overexposed my skin. So I make myself paler. And I like myself to keep at least the color that.

I was that, I’m you know, I’m working. So hard on this tan why would. I make myself Pelle Pelle tailored more pale. But I thought we’ve got this. And now that. I exposure. I brought it down to what it my kind of skin color looks like. I will then go down with blacks a tiny little bit the whites up with shadows down with highlights up. And it kind of gives my skin that three dimension to feel already. And I almost want to make it even darker perfect all right easy now, I’m gonna grab the brush again, I’m gonna have even more fun because now. I will be adding more shadows. And it’s literally girls should be experts. And that’s because it’s literally like paintings. And my brushes over here. And I’m just gonna be adding cheeks, I’m gonna be contouring my nose it’s more. I by the way. I never used to do that but because this photo good like super obsessed about. I actually put quite a lot of effort into editing it. And that’s why the reason. I said make sure that you like my photos. I’ll show you how. I edited it usually. I can’t be bothered to like do anything with my face because, I’m too lazy. And usually my face is not such a close-ups. I don’t really care. But I do love especially whenever you wear a swimsuit to highlight those little shadows those wrong. I like those little shadows. So you see this we have a shadow over here running into here. And that’s a control line of a shadow. And there’s shadow here as well. So that really helps yeah all right perfect. So there’s that. So I made a little darker. And I then grabbed another brush another new brush. And I’ll be making oh. I will make it. I will be making it but Jesus what is going on with me lighter. So anything like my chin the top of my nose forehead chest here here. And if you find that it’s too much then you can always play around with it yourself separately perfect all right um. So I have that I’d say. I am. I feel like my skin is kinda like maybe too dark. So this contouring that. I did you know Peruvian like that. I think it’s too much. So I can just make it set your brighter this is a minimal change but it makes a big difference into this feeling of me popping out of the photo. I then my actually come to the colors. And feel like ah, I’m gonna make my skin more green versus more red this is an exaggeration but, I’m gonna move to a minus on my skin. And go darker with my skin color – probably not maybe, I’m just a bit like that again this is all like there’s no right or wrong answer it depending how you feel about it of course my tendencies to making myself too dark. Because I lost looking. And yes.

I am now moving to another layer. And I’m gonna be painting away hair. I don’t usually have to do anything with my hair but sometimes it catches a weird color. So this is. I don’t do exposure. I sometimes do whites just shadows to again add a little bit of dimension. And sometimes clarity just. So that my hair looks a little better see. So here. I went a little bit over my hair. So, I’m going to brush the race, I’m gonna be raising into this alright. So far. So good. And then my favorite trick to things ok. So right now. I feel like this fruit is like way too colorful. So, I’m gonna put like paint this fruit with another brush. And get rid of saturation a little bit just exposure just a little bit of saturation maybe even too much. I just don’t want this food to be too overpowering. And now it’s good to the fun part as. I zoom into my boobies that fun part which is my glasses because that’s what. I had a lot of fun playing out. So I went to. I went to a whatever cuz you’re gonna just manually. So I don’t think it brighten up too much. But I definitely added clarity. And I’m painting my glasses over here. So check this out. And just you’re gonna idea if. I piss oh. I can see the layer. And that’s being affected. So, I’m painting my sunglasses. I think they look super fun like this. And now. I can play around with awesome effective gimmick dim Pinker that nice pink tint that can make them warmer. And keep it like a s vibe let me zoom out just a good idea just by flipping through the glasses, I’m actually just not gonna do much with the color or tint. I don’t think. I did. I just did clarity. And I went blacks a little up in sharpness it gave this like super cool even more as a dimensional effect with sickly look, I’m not exactly what. I used to my original edit, I’m every one of my edits different but yeah but that’s basically effect. And last but not least. I decided. I think. I did this as a gradual filter. And I made the water even more clarified. So again clarified. So this is the area’s being affected. And I made a brighter this perfect easy please let me see this is the original one. And before this is after. I know if it’s the exact same edit. I did on my Instagram. I did my best to follow the exact same steps but again this is a creative process. And every time. I decide differently of how. I would edit it but let me see this original photo ah slightly different but you can. I did it. So my Blues were slightly different. And it’s even different at that. I started with. So again long story short it’s a big difference between edits. And it’s nothing wrong with any particular edits it was just a lot of fun putting it together. I hope it was useful for you um let me know if you have any questions. And make sure you check out my Instagram my travel underscore into her shoes. And let me know if there’s any other photo you want me to edit. I would be more than happy to do that for you thank you. So much for reading. I love you heaps. And see you in the next tutorial.

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