Hi this is Maggie we’ll come back to matching motivation. I had a bit of a break. And I don’t know. I just felt like maybe not a lot of people watch these posts but turns out the martyr was messages saying Aggie has to do another Monday motivation as Here. I am. And they want to talk to you about your career choices. I haven’t came up but on a wall today in the morning. I could go up with Michael to the beach. And we’re just talking about our friends in the film business. And how much they’re struggling. And I just started to think why. I start looking for something else apart from working in its own business. And why. I became an influencer And So when.


I wanted to become an influencer remember my dad saying that it’s a really good idea because. I’ll be very poor. And this is crazy. And very unstable. And you know everyone’s trying to become a star like Meryl Streep but there can only be one Meryl Streep. So there’s no point trying because you know you don’t want to make it super base. And it’s funny. Because I totally don’t have you with my dad. But I think it’s a great rule is to use free career. And as. I call this rule aggies Meryl Streep career choice are Angie’s rule whatever haunts the working on, I’m. And basically. I think it’s this if you have something are you doing something. And you feel think about people or look at people that are doing what you want to do ever at least five years. And see where they are. And how comfortable they are then find people that have been doing what you’re doing for years. And see how good they are. And if you are not happy with where they are right now then you should not do it because that was my thing for film business. I started it of course it’s super hard. And really low-paying at the beginning but as it means like no but you know. I’ll become a producer. I’ll be making. So much money gonna be awesome. And then. I looked at all the people that were. I had a means of production coordinator production manager producer. And I saw them not a work specifically five years ahead of me ten years ahead of me years ahead of me. And that wasn’t really even jealous of their lives like. I felt kind of sorry because they’re working way harder than. I was. I didn’t think they were making that much more money.

I don’t like that didn’t have any life didn’t feel healthy. And full of energy. And loving life they were just just. So tired. And overworked. And like tied down to one job for months at a time. And I was like actually. I don’t want to do it for all these years to end up where they are. And taking Aires like. I want this to be my life. And this is like a big realization Seco am. I going to have to quit. And I have to find something else because where they are as, I’m sure you know they did is feel miserable but to me they just didn’t look or had what. I want to have for myself in my life. So when it comes to blogging you know. I am you know. I look at people bloggers that are five years ahead. And ten years ahead of me. And you know they are not the most popular bloggers in the world are not the Meryl Streep’s of their profession the you know but they’re still living a very fun comfortable life they love what they’re doing they’re growing they’re creative they you know they might be there which is people in their world but they’re just like they progressing. And it’s all different. And I’ll ask them. And I was like you know what this is it like. I love it. And looking at where is all of them are right now like five years from where they were starting. I was like this is exactly where. I want to be. And there are a lot of jobs of course, I’m not trying to say you should become an influencer but a lot of jobs that look amazing to some people. And the prospective of – years sounds really tempting. So I think you know right at the beginning every job where every career is pop. And involves a lot of work. And I don’t want you to give up but always look at five years. Because I think if in five years. And then ten years my life for one locus London was the point of waiting to get to the very very top. And actually would have to become no strip of your profession to enjoy about personal fun like you want to make sure that your career will bring you joy in five or ten years or even in two ears like it is for me. So I thought, I’m going to share this with you. Because I thought it was actually a very funny way of looking at things. And I hope you will find it useful all right make sure you subscribe to my YouTube blog. And I’ll try to do more money one duration posts. I have one more coming up. And I mean it’s already in my head. I have to record it all right love you guys thanks for reading.

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