Hi my name is Jackie. And this is Monday motivation welcome to a series of posts. I post every Monday just to keep you inspired. And for me to motivate myself a little. And share some ideas that. I find extremely useful to become a better person my better self this is when. I recorded my morning routine post a lot of you asked me about my practice that I’ve had for a while which is morning pages. And I want to explain to you what that means further. Because I just briefly mention it in my morning routine post one of the best books I’ve ever read. And the most life-changing books is called the artists way by Julie Cameron. And I read it while sailing the Pacific. And it completely changed my life the premise of that book is everyone is an artist everyone’s creating there’s no such thing as a non creative person or someone who’s not an artist you are noticed. I am an artist we have different talents. And we bring these different talents differently to the world but some of us struggle to be creative or to wake up this inner artist. And what can you do to awaken that creativity that’s basically hidden or covered up in your heart. And what can you do about it well Julie says that she is one recipe that’s kind of amazing. And she says all you have to do is grab her journal. And write three pages every single day first thing in the morning when you wake up. And just whatever comes to write whatever comes to your mind might sounds very simple. And people like well.


I don’t know what to write about the idea is that you read about anything that comes to your mind just to clear your head from all this that’s in there. And you’re not supposed to write nice you’re not supposed to be worried about mistakes. So you’re not supposed to even to read what you wrote ever pretty much or you can go back if you really want to but you don’t have to. And it has to be three pages. And if you feel like you want to write more because you’re. So excited don’t cuz you’re gonna overdo it it’s three pages if you feel like you can’t come up with anything you have to write holy moley holy whatever zipper language you’re using. I have no idea what, I’m supposed to write right now. And it’s only the first page. And it’s So painful. And I don’t know. So it’s basically getting like it’s like being your own therapist on a piece of paper. And writing down everything that comes to your head. And I can’t think of a single practice in my life that has had such a immediate impact on my creativity like this silly silly morning papers practice. So this is my journal beautiful leather journal. I bought on Amazon, I’m a pretty early people. And I literally just put it by date. And actually predated earlier just. So I don’t miss a day. And I read everything that comes to my mind first thing in the morning. I actually sometimes started with the meditation. I sometimes go for a run first. And then write it down which is not ideal but you’ve hurt you basically want to write down everything. And you have no idea how many YouTube ideas King during the series. And how many times. I was like oh my god like this is like. I think even starting a YouTube blog came during these morning pages when, I’m just reading like, I’m. So sleepy. I couldn’t care less about writing these pages. And then all of a sudden. I cleared my mind from all the crap that. I was worried about. Because I put on the piece of paper.

And alSo I was like oh my god like. I really want to connect with people to a different level. And I have. So many great ideas. I want to meet like-minded people. And create a group on Facebook by the way. I feel a part just join. And yeah. I said. So February th just to give you an idea of how. I write oh my god. I am. So distracted to write this journal. Because I would really like to buy a house my mind is on the fire totally monkey. And I need to know how to come it down. And ba-ba-ba suits basically at this point when uh uh a month ago whenever we were very seriously considering buy a new house. And I was just. So excited about it. I couldn’t focus on anything else. I have trip ideas. I have Monday motivation ideas. I asked myself what, I’m the most grateful for today the ideas that you don’t want to have its structure you don’t want to have it perfect has to be the most raw unorganized thing in the world completely out of control just for you to let you know clear your mind travel with it. And I challenge you right now to start your morning pages or days because that’s they say that’s how you form. I have it place three pages. And it can be on a computer come be on the phone there’s something about writing on a piece of paper using your hands that’s we weren’t powerful. And helps your brain to connect way better. So please promise to you right now you’ll try it. And let me know how it changed your life. Because I can guarantee you it will yeah it will be mind-blowing for you. And you will discover that after all these ideas that some might cross your mind but you can’t like retreat them because it’s life gets too busy all of a sudden they have time to show up again. And you can write it now. And capitalize on these ideas that across your mind at the wrong time sometimes you know. So yeah if you’re not part of my facebook group please join. And if you are not yet subscribe to my blog this is very important. So please do subscribe to my blog. I would love to have you part of my tribe. And there will be more posts coming. And and, I hope to see you. And next week when. I post another post thanks for reading. I really appreciated bye.

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