Hi and welcome this is my very first vlog. So, I’m a little nervous but no. Because I wanted to impress you it’s. Because I just want to be normal and, I want you to get to know me and, I’m worried, I’m gonna be like all nervous and awkward and, I just wanna be myself and it suggests the hardest, I’m getting philosophical Oh anyways. I just want to show you my life at the beginning. I thought, I’m just gonna do travel vlogs but at the same time, I’m like how can you connect with me and get to really know me if you see me saying at fancy hotels or resorts you know swimming in ocean this is great oh of course and you know it’s a big part of my life. But I want you to know how. I go to this point that. I do it. I want you to know the behind the scenes and the reality and the reality reality is not as glamorous, I’m just wearing a sweatshirt. I work from my from my house that’s not as glamorous is the five-star hotels, I’m travelling to. So I figured you will never get to get a true image of what it’s like to live my life and you might have an idea of me that’s not real at all or think making travel vlogging or my life more glamorous than this.


So I figure, I’m just gonna share with you my life and here in Los Angeles and you get to know my animal to get to know me and then you’d be like oh cool yeah that’s a good doing that and, I hope that this this connection and this relationship that would be way more casual and less Instagram perfect will encourage you more and will inspire you more to travel yourself because you then see that, I’m just like you and more relatable a totally normal average girl you know that came from Pole to America worked hard has three animals loves living by the beach and you get to see my life. So it’s morning Monday morning. So I figured, I’m gonna start from one day right. So, I’m just gonna get some tea right now and, I can tell you my first guilty pleasure since we already do that kind of thinks my guilty pleasure is eating a lot of bananas and apparently they’re not great for you because you know super healthy. But I love bananas. So that’s how. I start my name ah slightly dramatic right now but don’t worry it’s not gonna be this weird haha and you know what yet. So I definitely want to do. I want to do more vlog to thing you should know about me. I love bananas, I’m like obsessed with green tea Mike already knows. I travel with my own green tea at old times And I’ll just show you my favorite favorite snack they start my day with one thing alright and, I know this looks super basic but it’s just cut out banana with raw almond butter and it has to be wrong because otherwise it’s not healthy for you and, I just this is you know it does not look amazing but this is the best thing in the world and makes me happy every single morning tada mmm and they stopped working quite a while ago second focus on my blog but that also means, I’m stuck with these two crazy animals peanuts and peanut is obsessed with throwing balls. So whenever he wants to play with cookie he would put balls right next to cookie and bark at him and, I just have to hang out and and peanut is bringing all the balls from around the house because he wants to play with cookie right peanuts where’s kitty. So, I’m just finishing good morning good morning just finishing my water with lemon my chipped nail polish and now, I’m heading to blood proof coffee Oh holy moly oops this is basically black coffee with this brain octane. So it’s purified and it’s supposed to be a great source of energy for fat. So I added suppose that.

I look all the fat poking up and then you’re supposed to add butter. But I don’t. I don’t want to eat dairy and then you can also add that but it’s supposed to help your skin and collagen like keeps your skin like that extra glow. I still have it from the times when. I was kind of trying it. But I don’t use it anymore and now cocoa milk. I always buy the one and it can always always always because they’re the best and of course organic because they’re not that much more and okay this looks totally normal by the way. So don’t freak out and yeah just up the little girl-daughter looks a little gross actually might add the whole thing even though it’s going to be very milky but there’s nothing. I can do with it alright cool and then this not. So beautiful thing. I put in my balloon. I would use it at less smell. So it’ll be as white. But I just wanted to finish it. So I hope you you get the idea mmm and even though it’s vegan bulletproof it’s still very foamy and has just the right amount of fat which. I like it was writing my journal today every day. I write a new entry as you can see. I have a messy today yeah. I was coming up with ideas for the YouTube blog and more posts as you can tell that did at the time yeah and now, I’m writing them down here. Because I feel like there’s. So many that. I want to my favorite countries my favorite cities. So I have posts to film, I’m writing here and then filmed and the dates and of course there has to be green tea that’s like my best friend of all times it’s a good a letter for forest and sea fund. I have paid my carbon footprint for a year ahead for both of us for me and Michael and, I just got a letter saying that, I’m at Cabo tags champion champion and all the projects that we’ll be able to happen because of my money and, I actually was going to go to Borneo like next month but it didn’t work out because it was just too hard but look at this this. I get a little badge and they say please find in a close to your carbon free badge wear your badge with pride and help grow the movement of climate activists by telling your friends to offset their impact by visiting carbo tag storage yeah are you dumping it wasn’t you’re just checking thank you no more crying it’s okay good boy good boy sick what is this camera in my face. I don’t know you package arrived. I just finished recording my youtube posts hope you’ll like them. I was talking about luxury travel and how.

I can afford it and, I also was talking about raising your standards for my other motivation. I really like them on their motivation and even if no one watches it because it’s not really travel related it makes me. So happy to record it and it makes me. So happy to come up with ideas because it motivates me too and it’s like a great reminder for myself not only for others and the kind of gives me a good energy. So. I’ll be recording them. I even though like no. I’ll watch them oh. I wanna show you what. I got oh. I was in the need of some nice shirts white shirts it’s always good good good no matter what step two different kinds and this beautiful pink oh of course these shirts don’t work but, I’m just trying to see yeah that’s the kind of shirt. I want with some nice shorts just feels like it’s a little bit too too loose. So maybe not. I don’t know what do you think. I just work on maybe tying it up better closer here alright whatever reason this color works better not with my shorts but in general its moods the same shirt mr. Burton it means it’s the same shirt just in pink and as you can probably see my closet. I love this color a lot look this shirt and all the rest. I have button how beautiful this is not for doggies it’s not a donkey bed you know that it’s not it’s like your hangout right hi oh. I love this little tail puppy puppy come on peanut let’s go for a walk hi kitty hmm what’s up mom CP and peanut notice we’re going for a walk right peanut peanut to go for a walk he’s. So funny he’s always pretending like he doesn’t understand or gets depressed peanut butter come on puppy you’re gonna go for a walk people gonna think you’re weird you know doggies love going for walks they don’t get. So miserable Oh puppy dog sniffing bushes. I’ll walk with me and this is called green belt, I’m gonna sing to music hang on and this is called the green Bell this is rarity keeping up for a walk I’d rather walk white that means some wonder where. I walk by myself. I go by the beach bye because this little guy is nothing to sniff on the pavement and we’ll just kind of go through green belt one way then we turn left into pier Avenue and that takes us right to the ocean there will be by the beach. So everyone is happy mommy’s happy and peanut is happy.

So I usually listen to some music whatever. I go with peanut or some audiobooks on some motivation today. I was listening to music dancing a little bit and and now, I’m off to listening to a little bit about law of attraction and how important it is to have the thoughts and think good thoughts Hey we went to the beach this is the main Formosa Beach area it’s very cold it’s like the wind is very cold ah the letter of attract a lot of Attraction stuff on this thing – it’s So good, I’m gonna post the link to the posts, I’m listening to right now. I find them extremely inspiring and, I would love for you to take some time and listen to them as well you should love these books look at these waves actually closed up here see peanuts he has obsessed with the birds this what really sucks about Michael working. So much he leaves before. I even wake up he peeps at like sometimes for him in the morning to work on set. I think he doesn’t come back into tenants now and, I had my makeup on today and, I wanted to go out to get dinner good, I’m not wasting this makeup on sitting home but he never came and then almost it’s almost like he’s not home. So you can see my days are not very exciting, I’m hanging out with cooky hello as much about cookie and to the camera oh, I’m sorry if we’re turning the light on cooking cookies like can we please go to sleep it’s too bright mmm. So there just got out but, I’m reading all the messages. So good for me I’ve got different messages on my facebook and you guys are. So sweet oh it’s So blown out. So many nice messages and it makes me. So happy and you ask me. So many questions and it’s awesome because I’ve been totally just these are like perfect ideas for posts that can make for you, I’m very happy about that and, I’m also happy that it’s funny because it seems like our story or whatever we do this then. I think people don’t care but if you’re living your dream it’s extremely empowering for other people to live their dreams. So whenever you are living your dream and are doing well you have to share it with the world you have to share that good energy you have to share that feeling of possibility with others that are struggling they’re just like you a few months back were a few years back and, I feel like it’s a responsibility it’s my responsibility the fact that, I’m doing. So well. I have to share that good energy and my advice and how. I did it with the others there’s no keeping it to myself it’s not fair but it really it’s very touching for me to see that someone actually cares about what. I do and, I want to thank you for it for sure and oh yeah and oh.

I have my green card interview in a few hours day isn’t an interview it’s just like a dumper and for my green card because it’s big it has to be renewed, I’m just looking and my cat is like at the neighbor’s house walking around awesome jelly bean right. So it’s street cleaning today that means that we have to move the car from the street peanuts inside. So we lost the keys to the car and we have to move the car you can see everyone no one can park on this side of the street there you have to move the car on the other side of the street and somehow we lost the car keys and now we have to push it and we’re gonna break in it’s gonna be fun yeah look at us professionals we missed the fun part but it was. So difficult to push it up both cats looking at me hi kitties move on kitty second kitty just reading are you comfortable peanut these kitties are crazy aren’t they some, I’m going out to meet my friend bloggers and this is my outfit. I love this bomber jacket it looks. So American. I probably look like a tourist but it’s awesome. I wear it like all the time and, I love these shoes just do not the most comfortable shoes in the world a bit and then the glasses of course and they if they catch a loved one this is my favorite angle when they catch this reflection tada alright ready hit town Stephanie speaking yep pretty oh look at the Sun baby she’s coming throughout the beach he is setting up a shop for us we’re hoping to take a photo together our mom standing in for us this is like behind the themes here the intima auto company is but we are called at this girl is not only sick but also trees in the better blessed with another Californian sunset this time in one had a beach with Stephanie we’re both frozen and the ready for some whoo ready for some hot coffee or. I don’t want to say a drink but maybe because we’re both like shaking and her mom is like the cutest such a trooper forever oh my god this photos. I mean you think this photo was amazing and such good energy And So supportive because, I’m always like. I don’t know. I need to learn that good energy from her she’s awesome little girl pretty yeah. I feel like, I’m gonna go to this restaurant here, I’m freezing but it’s very hard to stay vegan because all the good stuff is unfortunately not vegan friendly nothing meat itself but dairy is still maseri there is like my best friend yogurts hard with yogurts hard with week. So struggling but hopefully hopefully.

I find something yeah because, I’m very hungry thinking we’re gonna eat here but they don’t have vegetarian options. So we’re gonna punish them by going somewhere else what is up with this focus thing this type in your name they can call you by your name very cool. So, I’m cheating my dairy or. I said. So much gluten free bread, I’m gonna give sacrum and non-food and, I love you time mister like he is having red wine more acute restaurants they actually threw away my eggplant thing that. I wanted to take a stogie bag and they made me a brand new on just. So I can take home. So nice of them really appreciative. I love these kind of cute restaurants. So now we’re going to the car. I have to warm up my seats and, I’m freezing this is for seat warmer and temperature all the way to like degrees. So cold . I just had a shower. Because I was freezing for. So long my like. I was cold to the bone and now. I have raccoon eyes. But I couldn’t wait to take my makeup off because my Asus bug around and, I love shopping before a trip. I always shop for a specific trip and all the clothes just kind of stay in my closet from every country never shop just just around LA let me show you love Asus because you can return it easily and I’d like to return things because they’re always a different show you what. I got getting. I fell asleep after trying these with like basically almost naked on the bed without brushing my teeth in my face. I come remember was the last time. I just fell asleep and woke up in the morning and, I was getting dressed in the dark. So, I’m looking very fancy today look at my out outfit of the day and just to tell you this was okay.

I mean. I like it cuz it doesn’t really show the boob because it has like a cover like this. So it’s fine it the thing. I didn’t like about this is the back goes. So high that you can see that you’re wearing a thong and that’s not very attractive when it would be sticking out. So I don’t think it’s meant. I thought it’s gonna be a tough. But I think it’s actually underwear. So these are awesome but they’re just too big for me. I don’t know why then. I have this and this looks beautiful. I feel like if. I pull my hands apart then my boob gets into this area which is completely see-through but if, I’m not moving and it’s in this area it looks absolutely amazing and, I love backless you know like bareback tops and this one look at this cut it’s amazing and these breaths are awesome. So I have this tradition. I always buy a Valentine’s gift and, I mean Linda rein for a Valentine’s gift. Because I think it’s very nice a very nice idea and this bra is like very natural very feminine. I didn’t know that Penelope Cruz design and very cool that you chewy peanut you like your chewy you like your chewy thank you thinking okay. So this looks like the post office but, I’m sending back aces like previous Asus orders different this dress is. So gorgeous look at this. I wish it would fit but it’s just it’s very heavy and very thick unfortunately doesn’t fit me it’s a little too loose. So that makes the entire dress just fall and not hug the right things hmm it’s beautiful it is a good shopping day. I got another package and this is a extender for my favorite company they make the only self tanners that actually work and you don’t look orange and this is tannin Hey enhancing moisturizer these this is a central basic the best absolutely the best and these are glasses that you put on when you work on the laptop. So your eyes don’t get too tired alSo I made the Train they’re smaller too because my situation said it’s too long. So it’s only five seconds hi this is a glass trouble in her shoes and today, I’m super excited about today because, I’m learning Lightroom. So this is after and this is before cease it’s a little nicer because in reality. I was pink. So, I’m glad. I could bring that out well. I had big shopping day today. So my shorts from Billabong arrived. I love this color and, I was chasing them for a while. Because I couldn’t find my size cheapy glasses that are supposed to look like they’re Dior they don’t quite look like you’re but they were like bucks So

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