How I Got Used to Traveling Without My Camera

It’s been nine years since then, but I remember that day really well. My roommate returned from her trip to Georgia and was excited to show me all photos she has taken there. So, after about an hour I found myself thinking, “I am so bored.” That thought made me feel uncomfortable and guilty. However, even now I cannot understand how it is possible to be interested in something I cannot relate to, but can easily google. I spent about three hours on looking at places photographed from 20 angles and I decided that I would never spam anyone with meaningless pictures.

How I Got Used to Traveling Without My Camera Photo Gallery

Many people take too many photos they eventually delete or store somewhere as a dead weight. I also used to do it. But why do we have to capture precious moments on a camera when it is far more better to live in them? Maybe we think that we can keep emotions for longer this way, however, this method does not prove to be successful.
IMHO, we need just a few hints to make our memory show us everything that is important to us. Today even professional photographers make tons of photos with no lasting value. Then why do we have to contribute to creating digital junk?

I have gone through something like a withdrawal during my first two trips without my professional camera. I had itchy hands every time I saw something new. My smartphone was not capable of taking quality photos, so I did not use it. I thought I would regret my decision, but guess what? I managed to remember a lot more things than usual, because I saw them with my own eyes. The world is really brighter when not observed through camera lenses.

To fight against my I-will-forget-it-if-I-do-not-take-a-picture-of-it phobia it was necessary to get rid of every sign of it. First, I decided to empty trash on my old MacBook Air and was surprised to see how much space my photos used to occupy. 7GB! They can be used on something more useful. Then I spring cleaned my smartphone, and wrote down three simple rules. I take photos only if I can capture:

1) Something extremely beautiful.
2) Something extremely ugly.
3) Something else that stirs up a lot of emotion.

Then I packed my bag and went on my test trip to Italy. It was beautiful. I only took a few selfies with my new friends and captured some funny moments that could not be described with words only. And now I can remember every detail of that week, because I did not shift this responsibility to devices, although it’s been eight years already since then. Absolutely recommend camera-free traveling to everyone!

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