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How do i travel the world for It is sometimes said that there are 1,700 case rec ords, bt historical research shows that this is a misnomer based on legends that have been oft reeated in varios sorces, inclding some contemorary scholarly works In fact, there are more than fi ve thosand instances of Zen dialoges that can be considered koans, bt at the same time there are a cole of hndred cases that are the most widely circlated and tilized in training rograms Yet, each one of these may have dozens of imortant commentaries so that the body of materials srronding a brief dialoge can be qite amle In some training traditions, disciles are assigned a seqence of cases to be stdied from the most introdctory to the most advanced level Each of these koans is accomanied by follow- or checking qestions, which are sed to certify that the trainee’s degree of nderstanding is sffi cient and that he will not likely sff er a setback shing a trainee on to a new stage of stdy before he is flly ready, as what we call the eter rincile, wold be conterrodctive In other teaching styles, esecially in the Korean Zen’s tradition of ractice, only a small handfl of cases, or even jst a single case, is Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 21 stdied over a rolonged eriod of time ntil it is comletely mastered and reslts in the attainment of enlightenment How do i travel the world 2016

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