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Houston zip code map for The general abstraction of the planning process conceived within the prescriptive science is that the funda- 650 planning mentals of planning conceptually offer us the following cognitive proposition. a) Planning is a future historic map of successful decisions, b) the successful decisions can be duplicated through a scientifically constructed rational decision-making process where a cognitive plan containing optimal prescriptive rules is constructed, and c) the rational plan presents to the decision agent unified sequential rules for implementation toward the realization of the preconceived goals and objectives. The task of the theory of planning within the ambit of prescriptive science is to establish a set of optimally structural rules of good decision behavior with an efficient use of information and conscious management of the social organism. This requires a logical assembly of a set of optimally prescriptive rules to be followed in order to increase the chance of successful outcomes by actualizing the potential as conceived in the set of all possible goals and objectives. Planning theory seeks to construct a plan to change the organizational state or to actualize the potential inherent in the future states. The plan. The resulting plan from the planning process as indicated under the theory of planning is constructed with the techniques and methods of logic, mathematics, statistics, systemicity, and other related areas of science. Houston zip code map 2016.

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