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Houston Map on A refined version in a more stylish enclosure, the Apple II, was finished in 1977. It became an immediate success in the fledgeling personal-computer industry. Apple’s fortunes soared over the next several years, as it became one of Americas most high-profile computer companies. In 1983, Jobs lured PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer John Sculley to run Apple, in part with the famous line, Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world? Inspired by the concept of a graphical user interface developed at Xerox-Parc (and seen by Jobs on a controversial visit in 1979), Jobs oversaw Apple’s efforts to develop a new consumer computer. The 1984 introduction of the resulting Macintosh was a public-relations coup, and a pioneering case of event marketing. But while the Macintosh proved an instant icon in American business history and popular culture, sales did not match expectations immediately, and Jobs bore considerable blame for this, leading to his dismissal from Apple in 1985 (a move engineered by Sculley). After leaving Apple, Jobs founded NeXT in 1985 with the goal of matching fine design and superior function in high-powered workstation computers for education markets. Houston Map 2016.

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