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Houston Map Tourist Attractions on This domestic disarticulation laid the basis of integrating the colonized economy into the global capitalist economy. The undermining of the domestic industry of the colony was, in many cases, conducted through protectionist measures. For example, even as late as 1815, Indian cotton and silk goods were 5060 percent cheaper than similar British goods, thereby making Indian exports more competitive than the British. Accordingly, Indian exports to Britain were subjected to an import duty 398 imperialism of 7080 percent for a long period. Moreover on at least two occasions (in 1700 and 1720), import of Indian cotton textiles into Britain was prohibited altogether. The domestic economy of the colonies was restructured to specialize in the export of cheap raw materials for the emerging European industry on the one hand, and import of its expensive manufactured goods on the other. Thus, the economy of the colony became structurally dependent on, and a source of resource extraction for, the European economy: The economies of Asia, Africa, and Latin America became part of world capitalism, yet the accumulation of capital that characterizes the system, occurred essentially in the dominant industrial countries. Houston Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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