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Hong Kong for Here the model incorporates Gollwitzer’s Gollwitzer and Oettingen concept of implementation intentions, described previously. These when, where and how’ plans turn the goal intention into a specific plan of action. Schwarzer proposes that at this stage a different kind of self-efficacy is involved, that of initiative self-efficacy, whereby an individual believes that they are able to take the initiative when the planned circumstances arise for example, the morning of the planned smoking cessation arrives and the individual needs to believe that they can then implement their plan. Once the action has been initiated, the individual then needs to try to maintain the new, healthier behaviour, and at this stage coping or maintenance self-efficacy is considered important to success e.g. I need to keep going with this diet even if it is hard at first. This form of self-efficacy describes a belief in one’s ability to overcome barriers and temptations such as being faced with a birthday celebration and is likely to enhance resilience, positive coping such as drawing upon social support and greater persistence. Hong Kong 2016.

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