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New Territories:. Consist of 355 square miles leased from China on the mainland; terrace farming and typical Chinese villages afford an interesting drive which takes about 3 Vi hours including stops for pictures and lunch. Many of these points of sightseeing interest are covered in tours available from the numerous tour agencies.

Macao: Macao Colony of Portugal is on the Peninsula of Chung Shan, Kwangtung. Macao is called the Monte Carlo of the Orient. Many tourists visit this city, which is a mixture of new and old Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Daily boat service makes the trip in about 3 hours. Staterooms are available. The streets are lined by fine old trees and there are interesting gambling houses.

There are many points of interest to foreign visitors in this small colony: the Praya Grande, the grotto of the poet Camdes, where there is a bronze bust of Portugal‚„s immortal poet. It is believed that it was at this, spot the poet was inspired to write some cantos of his well-known poem, ‚“The Luisades.‚ There are many Chinese temples to be seen here; beautiful gardens; the Guia Lighthouse, the oldest on the China Coast; the famous facade of the Cathedral of St. Paul, which is centuries old; Penha Hill; the Barrier Gate between this colony and the Chinese territory. Take in the Avenida Almeida Ribeiro, the main shopping center of Macao. Kwan Yin Tong, the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy, is where the first treaty between the United States and China was signed in 1844. Lin Fung Miu is another ancient Chinese temple, as well as the Ma Kok Miu, Temple of A-Ma, after whom Macao is named. (Macao was formerly known as A-Ma.) Other places of interest to see are: the yards for junks all types are seen here, fishing junks, sampans and other wooden vessels; a trip to a match factory the manufacture of matches is one of the important industries. There are some good hotels and restaurants here, such as the Hotel Riviera, the Grand Hotel and Restaurant, the Central Hotel and Restaurant, Fa Siu Lau (Laughing Buddha Restaurant, famous for roast pigeon), and Nan Lau Restaurant. The Melco Club, which is the Macao Electric Light Company‚„s staff club is open to visitors for recreation. The Portuguese Inn (Portuguese food and atmosphere) is also good.

SOURCES FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Feel free to call on the Pan American offices for information: Alexandra House (Tel. 37031) and Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon (Tel. 64005). 24-hour service at Clipper Information Center (Tel. 37031).

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