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Honeymoon in hawaii packages for The Philippines’ poverty level reached 40 percent of the population, but one encouraging sign was that the island’s active labor force rose slightly from 30 million people in 1999 to 32 million in 2003. Of the islands’ industries, AGRICULTURE (farming, forestry, and fishing) employs approximately 40 percent of the laboring trades to constitute about 17 percent of the economy. Manufacturing, construction, and mining add 16 percent while services make up the remainder. Major industrial products are textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wood products and electronic gear. The Philippines is rich in mineral resources, there are major deposits of gold in northern and southern Luzon, iron ore in northern Mindanao, copper in central Luzon, and high-grade chromium ore in both the west-central and southern parts of the island. At the beginning of the new millennium, the Philippine government continued economic reforms to help its people try to match the pace of development in the newly industrialized countries of east Asia. The strategy included further deregulation and privatization of the economy, and increasing trade integration. Honeymoon in hawaii packages 2016.

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