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Honeymoon ideas for In the years to BC, at times when the Sun was in Virgo, the Moon ventured under Virginis in ? BC in the other years it was too far south of the ecliptic to be plausibly regarded as in any way under her feet. It seems therefore that Revelation is portraying both of Virgo’s feet as being in the vicinity of this star. With the crown and feet identiied on the star map, we know the boundaries within which we are to it Virgo’s body from her forehead to the end of her legs, that is, between the crown and the area around Virginis. Revelation would seem to concur with the widespread view regarding the level within the constellation where her groin and legs were. With respect to the upper body of Virgo, verse reveals that she is being viewed in terms very similar to the Virgo of Hyginus and Pseudo-Eratosthenes and the Virgo of Egypt and Bab ylon. At the same time, since Virgo is wearing a crown and is clothed with the radiance of the Sun, she is most naturally regarded as sitting on a throne. The fact that the Moon is stationed under her feet suggests that it was in subservience, paying homage to Virgo. Honeymoon ideas 2016.

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