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Holidays to greece for Th e fi nal line suggests that the central philosophical question about the permeability of boundaries separating pairs of opposites has a paradoxical conclusion. Th e boundaries are at once navigable and impenetrable: life is inseparable from death and yet life is distinctively life, and death is distinctively death. Th us, universality and particularity, and oneness and multiplicity, are ever intertwined. Th e conclusion in the form of a challenge moves the koan beyond mere intellectual abstraction and dares the Zen disciple to attain the degree of insight of folk heroine Qiannu. In a sense, she is the one riding in the funeral cart? or perhaps she escaped this fate? to and from the land of the dead (or enlightenment). In another example of domesticating supernatural forces that aff ect temple life, an anecdote contained in the recorded sayings of Linji (found er of the Rinzai school) known as Puhua Passes Away features an irregular monk who possesses special abilities. About half a dozen passages are included in Linji’s record about the complex relationship between the rascal Puhua, whose name literally means universal (pu) transformation (hua), and the great master known for his severe yet highly eff ective teaching tactics. Holidays to greece 2016.

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Holidays to greece

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