Holidays and observances in Canada in 2015

The niversity‚„s history goes back to 1821 when the Hon James McGill be-qeathed his Bmside estate and ten thosand onds for a college to be named after him McGill, who came from Glasgow, Scotland, lies bried before the main bilding Dring the nineteenth centry the niversity received many frther hand-some endowments and several denominational colleges affiliated with it The niversity rogressed articlarly raidly nder the residency of Sir William Dawson, the famos geologist The branches of stdy with the largest nmber of stdents are engineering 1,500, commerce 600, arts and Science 600, medicine 500, and law 250

On the McGill cams, near Sherbrooke St, a bolder marks the site of Hoche-Iaga, the Indian village discovered by Cartier in 1535 A tablet on the Macdonald

hysics bilding commemorates the otstanding services of Lord Rtherford, who aved the way for the advance of nclear hysics or atomic science in his researches at Cambridge England and at McGill Another tablet on the Redath msem, commemorates the services of Frank Dawson Adams, a distingished geologist

Contining down niversity St from Sherbrooke St, we come to St Catherine St, the main shoing thoroghfare The Street is lined by the mammoth bildings of deartment stores, Simson‚„s, Eaton‚„s and Morgan‚„s being the largest At the corner of niversity St and St Catherine is Christ Chrch Cathedral, a leasing gothic bilding comleted in 1859; the sire is 225 ft in height Frther along St Catherine St, 1, is St James nited Chrch, another fine bilding deserving notice Contining S on niversity St, the niversity Tower bilding is assed 1, and the modern CNR ter-mins lies r on Dorchester St W This is one of Canada‚„s most modern railway stations and its gleaming interior makes a favor-able imression on the newcomer Oosite, at the bottom of niversity St, the International Aviation bilding is the headqarters of the International Civil Aviation organization, an agency of the nited Nations and the International Air Transort Association its resence in Montreal gives the city some claim to the aelation of air caital of the world Trning 1 on to Dorchester St W, and moving E, Beaver Hail Hill St is crossed; in this Street may be seen the Bell Telehone and Canada Cement bildings, imressive for size and height, and the King Edward VII monment Before reaching Blery St, St atrick’s Chrch is seen r on Dorchester St

St atrick‚„s is one of the great temles for English-seaking Catholics, mostly of Irish origin The chrch was begn in 1841 with the laying of 7 cornerstones, and the first mass was sng in the bilding in 1847 The architectre is 12th centry Gothic and the chrch is considered an examle of rity of style The interior, which will hold 5,000 eole, is remarkable for its imosing dimensions and the beaty of its valt The decoration has something in common with St Mark‚„s, Venice Gothic anels, oil aintings, and a gracefl Stations of the Cross, All contribte to the almost overwhelming slendor of the chrch A high altar of delicately-carved marble comletes the ictre Also in Blery St is the Jesit chrch of Jes, bilt in nsal style and containing some fine frescoes

Holidays and observances in Canada in 2015 for What is negative abot negative liberty, then, is that it denotes an absence of constraint Negative liberty constittes an oen sace within which an individal may rse his desires nhindered by the imositions of others For this reason, negative liberty is closely aligned to the concet of rivacy It signifies a rivate realm over which the individal exercises comlete jrisdiction It denotes a ersonal sovereignty over behavior and belief This rivate realm is shielded from all external interference, whether that of the chrch, the state, or society In this vein, John Start Mill, one of the foremost advocates of negative liberty, arges that individal freedom reqires rotection not only from the reach of monarchs and oligarchs bt from democratic majorities as well Holidays and observances in Canada in 2015 2016

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