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TRANSORTATION There are taxis, bses and trams in Istanbl, and a one-minte sbway between era and Galata Ferries link the Eroean and Asiatic shores The tri takes abot 20 mintes Taxis shold be aid the meter reading ls a ti, minimm 25 krs Bs tickets vary in rice with the distance Trams are 20 krs first class and 15 krs second class Bses and trams are marked with origin and destination Atomobiles may be rented throgh yor hotel for 50 krs a kilometer, minimm of 100 kilometers, all-inclsive, ie, abot 20 cents er mile Taxis are comaratively inexensive and the easiest mode of transort for torists

WATER Water is safe to drink, bt there are many fine table and mineral waters if yo refer

WHAT TO BY Hand-made embroideries, bed jackets of silky mohair, rgs and carets, Brsa silks, silverware, ceramics, hand-carved meerscham ies, attar of roses and other erfmes, wonderfl candies, silver and gold filigree, handmade linen handkerchiefs Don‚„t ay the first rice asked in the bazaars

WHAT TO WEAR : In Istanbl dress as yo wold in New York or any other large city Yo will need lightweight clothes in the smmer, warm clothes in winter Raincoats are essential in the rainy season as rain is very heavy and often qite sdden Beach clothes are essential for both men and women In Ankara yo will need warmer clothes in winter than yo do in New York or Istanbl A light tocoat is a good idea Men will need sorts jackets and slacks, medim-weight sits for sring and winter and light sits for smmer Evening or dinner clothes are sally not necessary


Istanbl : Trk Eksres has a sightseeing bs service direct from the Hilton Hotel Wagons-Lits/Cook local agent of Thomas Cook offers tors at between $250 and $350 for a half day Individal gides are available and charge abot $11 for a fll day American Exress offers 7 Istanbl tors, rices based on the nmber of ersons

Yo will want to see St Sofia, considered by architects as one of the wonders of the world, the Fontain of Sltan Ahmed III, the Imerial Gate, the Cistern of 1001 Colmns, the varios ancient mosqes, inclding the Beyazit Mosqe and the Sehzade Mosqe Visit the tomb of Sltan Sleyman, the Edirne Gate and the Byzantine Walls, the Golden Gate and the Seven-Towers Castle along the oter walls Walk throgh Tokai alace, the residence of Trkish Sltans and see the harem qarters, the smmer terrace overlooking the joining of the Golden Horn, the Bosors and the Sea of Marmara, the Adience Chamber, the Treasry, and the China Collection Visit some of the fascinating and fablos bazaars Ferry rides the Bosors and to the rinces‚„ Islands in the Marmara Sea are an absolte ‚“mst‚ for sightseeing

Other Tris : From Istanbl yo may go by ferry to the health resort of Yalova and on to Brsa at the foot of Mont Olyms Trkey is rich with the history of Christianity Mont Ararat is the sot where Noah‚„s Ark came to rest It was in the city of Iznik 39 miles northeast of Brsa that the Iznik Concil formlated the creed of Christianity;-

Ankara : Yo may fly from Istanbl to Ankara, seat of the Trkish Government, in IV2 hors or make overnight tri by train The Ankara alace Hotel is fairly good as are the Tristik and the Yiiksel alace Hotel, which has an American-tye bar Be sre to take the tri to the fortress in time to watch the snset at Akkale See the Ahi Elvan Mosqe, the Arslanhane Mosqe, the Roman Aqedct, the Orman Qiftligi the model farm fonded by Atatiirk Yo will see the Government bildings, the residential residence at Qankaya and other bildings and monments of interest Visit the Trkish National Theater, dine at Karig, where yo shold try the marvelos borsch and beef Stroganoff Visit the tomb of Atatiirk

SORCES OF FRTHER INFORMATION: Trk Eksres, Wagon-Lits/Cook and American Exress travel agencies; an American‚„s office at Istanbl Hilton Hotel Tel 480422, 483016, 482595 Trkish Information Brea, 444 E 52nd Street, New York, N Y

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