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LOCATION: Lebanon occupies a small strip of land at the east end of the Mediterranean, bordered by Israel on the south and by Syria on the north and east.

CHARACTERISTICS: This is a wonderful little country, which has within its boundaries some of the most magnificent ruins in the world, the famous Cedars of Lebanon, and modern cities and villages which turn the clock back hundreds of years. There are wonderful beaches; within a short distance there are high mountains on which skiing is excellent. It is the biblical ‚“Land of Milk and Honey,‚ with orange and olive groves, banana plantations, wonderful wild flowers and crystal-clear rivers gushing from grottos. It is a fascinating mingling of the old and the new.

POPULATION : 1,250,000; the country has a slightly greater population than Detroit.

SIZE:About 120 miles long and varying from 30 to 35 miles in width, the total area is 3,600 square miles.

CAPITAL : Beirut, with a population of about 600,000, which is somewhat larger than Cincinnati.

GOVERNMENT : An independent republic.

HOW TO GET THERE : By Pan American Clipper two-stop service from New York to Beirut, only 20Vi hours. By ship about 14 to 21 days depending on the steamship line.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Best hotels in Beirut are the air conditioned Bristol, the Riviera, the Excelsior and the St. George, which has a private beach for bathing. Rates run about $7 per day single and $11 double the year round.

ARTS : The National Art Museum and the Museum of the American University in Beirut both house excellent collections of art and antiquities.

BALLET : Visiting French troupes.

BANKS : In Beirut Banque Nationale; Banque Zilkha; Banque de Syrie et du Liban, Bank of Iran and Middle East, Arab Bank, Ltd., Banco di Roma, First National City, Netherlands Trading Society, Chase Manhattan Bank, Thos. Cook & Son.

CALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS : There are 23 legal holidays in the year. The principal ones are: January 1 and 2, New Year‚„s; Easter; November 22, Independence Dav; Christmas Day.

CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO : American brands are available at about double their cost at home. Local cigarettes are excellent. No actual duty-free allowance, but usually you may bring in 200 cigarettes or about Vt. lb. of tobacco.

CLIMATE : The climate is almost as varied as ours. There are four distinct seasons, but it is almost always cold in the mountains and usually quite warm near the sea. April through November is the best time to visit Lebanon.

CLUBS : St. George‚„s, Rotary, Lions, Masonic Lodge, Propeller, and Skal. A tourist would have to be accompanied by a member to make use of any of these clubs in Beirut.

QOMMON COURTESIES AND LOCAL CUSTOMS : The Lebanese are extremely hospitable. A guest is a sacred trust. Even in the poorest homes the Lebanese offer gifts and hospitality.

CURRENCY : The Lebanese pound is the monetary unit. The established rate is $1 United States equals ‚£ 3.20 Lebanese. However, there is an open market for the exchange of money which fluctuates daily. Currency of any denomination is exchanged on this market openly and legally.

CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS : Passport and visa required for entry. Vaccination certificate. Duty-free allowance: 1 carton of cigarettes or V2 lb. of tobacco; 1 quart of liquor. Lebanese or Syrian currency limited to ‚£ 50.

DRUG STORES : The drug stores here do not have soda fountains as in the United States. The majority are chemists‚„ shops. All chemists‚„ shops are stocked with American brands of toilet articles and patent drugs.

ELECTRIC CURRENT : The current in Beirut is 110 volts, a.c. No transformer is necessary for radios, electric razors or American electrical appliances.

FAUNA . I. Principally the mule, Arab horse, and cattle in general, as well as poultry, migratory and local birds. Fish of various forms common to the Mediterranean.

FLORA : Lebanese flora is similar to that of Southern Europe. It is rich in flowers and the Cedars of Lebanon are outstandii FOOD: Barbecued meats; rice dishes and wonderful dishe: cooked in grape leaves, similar to Syrian foods, are native here majority of tourist restaurants serve Continental food of good quality and variety. Milk is bottled and pasteurized; you can drink it with safety in the better restaurants and hotels.

GAMBLING : Gambling by government decree is presently notS; permitted.

LANGUAGE: French, Arabic and English. You will have no difficulty when using only English in Lebanon.

LAUNDRY Laundry is excellent and cheap. Dry-cleaning establishments are modern.

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