Holiday Lettings in Cape Town

South Africa

For the most comprehensive range of exclusive privately-owned properties; colonial, classic or contemporary. Secure and staffed to your requirements.

Tel: +27 21794 7661;; email: RAS NUNGWI, Zanzibar.

Situated on Zanzibar’s remote northern tip, Ras Nungwi is a small, luxurious hotel offering the ultimate in comfort, style and personalised and attentive service. The cuisine is suberb. Professional watersports include PADI diving and deep sea fishing, FTJNDU LAGOON, Pemba, Zanzibar Barefoot luxury in a discreet, secluded hideaway designed by Ellis Flyte.

14 bungalows on stilts grace a 40 acre site with 4km private white beach. PADI dive school; watersports; excellent local and international cuisine, Tel: ++255 747 438 668 email: tz MALDIVES, …for a swimmingly great time! Personalized services. Accommodation in Luxury resort islands. Special arrangements for Honeymooners. Conference Organizers. Please contact:

Tel:+(960)316232 Fax: +(960)316325 E-mail: Url:

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Holiday Lettings in Cape Town

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