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Holiday in Zulia – Zulia Travel for The comet was now heliacally rising in the western sky. Part of the large coma could be seen over the western horizon for a short time after sunset, as could the tail, which streamed up at a slight angle a slight right tilt, through the constellation Draco, and all the way to and beyond the far horizon. It must have looked like a gigantic neon sign suspended in the sky, directing the Magi to Judea to worship the baby Messiah. The Sun rose before the last section of the tail had set. On the morning of October , the coma the nucleus having descended degrees in hours to the point that it was the other side of the Sun certainly did not appear in the eastern sky before dawn. The comet had moved degrees in the space of days! It was now between Libra and Ophiuchus. After impressing observers with its stability within Virgo’s belly from September to October , the coma had amazed them with its large leaps from October to This was due to the fact that the comet was getting very close to Earth as it prepared to move in between the Sun and Earth. Holiday in Zulia – Zulia Travel 2016.

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