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Holiday in Vestfold – Vestfold Travel for Were ostmodernists to look to the sciences to inform their own investigations, their model wold not be Newtonian mechanics bt contemorary qantm hysics or erhas chaos theory As Albert Einstein demonstrated, the laws of Newtonian hysics fail to aly at seeds close to that of light Here the notion of relativity comes into lay In mch contemorary hysics, informed by Werner Heisenberg’s ncertainty rincile, sch things as time, sace, matter, and casality are no longer nderstood as the nchanging fondations of a singlar reality that is available for objective examination They are somewhat fickle categories that only ever measre facets of reality from articlar oints of view As Heisenberg wrote, what we observe is not natre itself, bt natre exosed to or method of qestioning48 Contemorary hysicists are aware of the relativity and instability of categories of thoght and asects of reality reviosly assmed to be absolte Holiday in Vestfold – Vestfold Travel 2016

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