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Holiday in Vad – Vad Travel for 119 In short, ecological rationality is of overriding imortance becase it does not discont the ftre, which is to say, the effects of its resent oeration do not nderct its own or any other ftre rational activities One might arge that a comonent of any higher and more thorogh rationality wold be its sbstantive and erformative natre, as sggested by the classical theorists of reason Bt citizens may enjoy and gain benefits from collective activities as ends in themselves in a way that still degrades the environment The fact that an action is carried ot for its own sake does not mean that the action is ecologically sstainable The attitde of Chicken today, feathers tomorrow! may be held by someone who eats his chicken noninstrmentally, for the re delight of eating it Still, today’s delight will not address tomorrow’s hnger Likewise, the qestion of ecological sstainability is only adeqately addressed once rationality, whether instrmental, sbstantive, or erformative, incororates a concern for the ftre Holiday in Vad – Vad Travel 2016

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