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SPORTS : Sweden is a sportsman‚„s paradise. The Swedes are an athletic, outdoor people and the facilities are of the finest. The lakes and mountain streams offer excellent fishing. Salmon and salmon trout, pike and perch are in abundance. There is tuna and other big-game fishing on the West Coast. Golf is nationally popular. There are good courses throughout the country; Kevinge, Djursholm, Lidingo and Saltsjobaden are the best near Stockholm. The courses and club houses are open to tourists. Good tennis courts are found all over Sweden. Stockholm has indoor courts for year around play. Yachting is popular and fashionable in the Stockholm archipelago. Sailing and swimming are favorite summer sports. Boats can be rented at Saltsjobaden‚„s Grand Hotel. There are numerous indoor pools connected with the Swedish baths in Stockholm. The beaches on the archipelago are lovely. The mountains in the north are a hiker‚„s paradise; guides are available. The end of summer is the best time of year. As in all Scandinavian countries, nearly everybody skis in Sweden. Accommodations, skis and guides are available at moderate rates. Other winter sports include skating, tobogganing and curling. There are exhibition skating matches.

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Holiday in Vasterbotten – Vasterbotten Travel Photo Gallery

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