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SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION: The Spanish Tourist Office in New York is at 485 Madison Avenue, and there are others in Chicago and San Francisco. Within Spain, folders in English, city and country maps, lists of shops, etc., are available at Municipal Tourist Information Offices, and State Tourist Information Office. Information on sightseeing tours is available at these offices or at the larger travel agencies. Tickets for local events are available through your hotel porter. Feel free also to call upon Pan American for information: in Barcelona, Calle Mallorca 250 (Tel. 37-00-03); in Madrid, Edificio Espana (Tel, 47-14-03).

The Alhambra – (built 1248-1354) is one of the finest examples of Moorish architecture in all Spain. It is located in Granada.

The Spanish countryside presents fascinating variety of lush plains, towering mountains and ancient ruins, rich in historical interest.

Seville is an artistic and archaeological center full of interest for the tourist. This view is of the Giralda Tower.

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