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Holiday in Valais – Valais Travel for Like many modern individualists, structuralists had hoped to develop a social science that would yield objective truth along the lines of the natural sciences. Postmodernists, in contrast, suggest that we can never achieve an objective, 80 thinking politics scientific overview of the social forces that shape us. The most we can hope for is a wide variety of limited accounts obtained from multiple perspectives. Perspectivism undermines any claim to absolute knowledge about the political world. It therefore leads to an ironic stance, that is to say, an engaged yet playful interaction with the world grounded in a skeptical disposition. The irony of postmodernists stands opposed to the self-assured, scientific aspirations of modernists. (We further explore the meaning of irony in chapter 7, where it is contrasted to ideology. Holiday in Valais – Valais Travel 2016.

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