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Holiday in Tibet – Tibet Travel for This was because the comet was continuing to race toward the interchange and was degassing more as it neared the Sun, while Earth, after crossing the underpass, was assuming a much better angle from which to see the whole comet. In fact, from the perspective of Earth, you would almost have thought that the tail was simply stretching as the comet raced across the constellations, because the end of the tail remained irmly ixed in Aquarius, back at the pivot point of the comet’s radical pendulum-swing reorientation. When the comet head departed from Aquarius, the whole comet would have been just over degrees in length, but by the time the head reached the far side of Sagittarius, it would have been over degrees long. The comet must have seemed to observers to have transformed itself into a dramatic celestial arrow! The coma was the arrowhead and the tail was the shaft and letching. It had become a flaming arrow fired from the Archer’s bow! See fig. To the Babylonians and Greeks, the Archer Pabilsag, or Sagittarius, was a winged halfhorse and half-human creature known for his great bow and the arrow that is famously aimed right at the heart of the Scorpion the star Antares. To the Babylonians, at least, Scorpius encapsulated the forces of wickedness, darkness, and death. Holiday in Tibet – Tibet Travel 2016.

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