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Holiday in Tenasserim – Tenasserim Travel for , its phase angle increased, boosting the brightness of the comet due to the phenomenon of forwardscattering. On September the phase angle of the nucleus was degrees; on October it was degrees, which gave the comet a -magnitude boost. Nevertheless, the increase in the comet’s size may well have caused it to fade from daytime visibility more quickly than its apparent magnitude values and phase angle would suggest. Until October / the comet’s apparent brightness was dropping the drop was in the order of about or magnitudes from September to October /. Thereafter the apparent magnitude began to build again as the comet neared Earth. As the cometary coma rose on October , it may have been backlighting part of the edge of the -day-old waning crescent Moon magnitude The remarkable growth of the coma-baby in Virgo’s womb is reminiscent of the dramatic growth of Comet Holmes as a result of its outburst late in fig. However, while a major outburst event cannot be ruled out in the case of the Christ Comet, there is probably no need to make recourse to such to explain the spectacular enlargement of the coma. Holiday in Tenasserim – Tenasserim Travel 2016.

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