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SHOPS AND STORES: In Stockholm: K. A. Anderson for fine jewelry; Atelier Borgila for unique, modern silverware; Fritzes for blogs; try Svenskt Tenn for pottery and textiles; note Nordiska Kristallmagasinet and Svenskt Glas for glass; Williams, Leja, Sormans and Robell are fine exclusive women‚„s-apparel shops; Bastman‚„s for sporting equipment; Palmgren‚„s for luggage and exquisite leather goods; Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) is the largest department store (see their modern furniture); Morris and Stroms are excellent men‚„s shops. There are numerous exhibitions and shops that specialize in ceramics, pottery, textiles and handicraft products; the main shopping district in Stockholm consists of Kungsgatan, Drottninggatan, Hamngatan and adjacent streets.

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