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Holiday in Sichuan – Sichuan Travel for Sure enough, the cometary arrow, having grown to well over degrees long, and having an apparent magnitude of at least , struck the Scorpion’s heart it came very close to Antares on August The cometary arrow continued on its celestial light path until it hit the middle of the Scorpion’s forehead ? Scorpii on August See ig. By that time the comet would have extended more than halfway across the sky. FIG The Archer Sagittarius/Pabilsag ires his great cometary arrow and it strikes the Scorpion’s heart and forehead in August BC. Image credit Sirscha Nicholl, using modiied constellation images from Bloxam, Urania’s Mirror images credit This was a truly astonishing drama, extending from one constellation to another. It was the stuff of myth! The Magi, along with everyone else who knew their constellations, must have been glued to the heavens each night as they watched the unfolding nightly drama. Holiday in Sichuan – Sichuan Travel 2016.

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