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Holiday in Shaanxi – Shaanxi Travel for Even at the minimum of these magnitude values, a comet would normally have been visible during the daytime. However, because the Bethlehem Star comet was large, the issue is not quite so simple. The coma could have been something like degrees long. Accordingly, only a small part of the coma, namely the region of condensed brightness around the nucleus, would have been detectable during the daytime. In normal circumstances that evening, observers in both Babylon and Judea, when they scanned the western sky under Virginis Virgo’s feet, in Rev. ‘s conception of the constellation igure; Virgo’s left foot, in the imagination of most Greeks in the wake of sunset, would have seen only the slim crescent of the new Moon. However, this evening, right beside the Moon, they would have seen the comet’s coma, with its massive tail sweeping up to the left at a roughly -degree angle relative to the ground. Holiday in Shaanxi – Shaanxi Travel 2016.

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