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Holiday in Schwyz – Schwyz Travel for Yet all political cultures evidence a conscious tension between individuality and community. To live politically, it follows, one must be able to conceive oneself as an individual within a community of individuals. More specifically, one must be capable of reflecting on the meaning of individuality as something that is shared by all human beings while defining each as a unique entity. Only abstract thought allows us to understand ourselves as such unique parts within a complex whole. Abstract thought is possible only if one can distance oneself from a singular stream of consciousness. Abstract thought requires a temporary and at least partial escape from all-consuming desires, drives, and inclinations. To think of oneself abstractly, one must escape one’s impulses long enough to be able to glance back on oneself, to see oneself as some distinct thing that is available for evaluation and judgment. Holiday in Schwyz – Schwyz Travel 2016.

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