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Holiday in SchaffhausenSchaffhausen Travel for Indeed, we may view people's political attitudes, beliefs, and practices as texts that are in need of close and critical reading. Whether making its appearance on paper or on the stage of life, politics presents theorists with the challenge of interpretation. The interpretation of politics would not get off the ground if the theorist could not reflect on her own experiences and commitments. The conceptual lenses of theory are shaped by the emotions, desires, motivations, beliefs, judgtheory and vision 1 7 ments, interests, and values of the theorist.

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Holiday In Schaffhausen – Schaffhausen Travel

Scientific theorists who aim at objective observation and validation strive to eliminate all such individual biases. Interpretive theorists who seek intersubjective understanding accept individual biases as inevitable and indispensable, however troublesome they prove to be. Hans-Georg Gadamer observes that to try to eliminate one's own concepts in interpretation is not only impossible, but manifestly absurd.

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