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Holiday in Salto – Salto Travel for At the same time, Seargent points out that an unimpressive absolute magnitude might have been partly compensated for by the fact that the comet’s angle with respect to the ecliptic was becoming ever narrower throughout the apparition. As great as the Great Comet of AD undoubtedly was, it pales in comparison to the Great Comet of BC, that is, the Great Christ Comet. The comet of BC was intrinsically and apparently brighter and was larger in coma and tail size than the Comet of AD Good Viewing Opportunities With regard to viewing opportunities, the general rule is that cometary apparitions should occur in the evening and in the northern hemisphere to be regarded as great. It should be qualiied that, in the ancient world, rather more people would be expected to be awake in the hour or two before dawn than in the modern world. Nevertheless, as now, so then, a comet would have been more widely observed in the evening hours. The ideal time for a comet to be on show is the early part of a night when the Moon is not very bright. At the same time, comets are best seen against the backdrop of a dark sky, meaning earlier mornings or later evenings. Holiday in Salto – Salto Travel 2016.

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