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Holiday in Rivera – Rivera Travel for It was an extraordinarily bright morning star. At that time the comet would also have been a dramatic daytime object. Over the following days the comet moved to a higher altitude before the Sun rose, so that it could be seen in a darker sky, although the growth in the comet’s size would have diluted the intensity of its brightness. The comet climaxed its apparition in the eastern sky on October At that time the coma looked like a newborn baby and the comet as a whole like a massive iron scepter stretching across the whole sky and resting on the ground in the west. Over the following days it would have appeared very large, long, and bright as it made its close pass by Earth. Then the comet shifted to the west of Earth and hence the focus of the majestic show moved from the morning sky to the evening and night sky, and from the eastern sky to the western sky. The comet’s long-tailed appearances dominated the skies for at least another ? days. Holiday in Rivera – Rivera Travel 2016.

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