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Holiday in Qina – Qina Travel for It begets a kind of sketical reserve, and sketical reserve begets irony Rather than search for a final vocablary with which to constrct an objective descrition or definition of reality, the ostmodern ironist engages in a ersectival rendering She accets, as Richard Rorty maintains, that many different langage games are being layed simltaneosly in the cometitive attemt to catre reality There is no netral vocablary that might allow the ironist to decide once and for all how best to view, nderstand, or describe the world15 Marx said that the borgeois class, like all other classes before it, carried within it the seeds of its own destrction ostmodernists sggest that all concets, ideologies, systems of thoght, and other eistemological categories carry within them the seeds of their own deconstrction The ominos seeds, in this case, are the words, concets, and other lingistic troes on whose ever-shifting fondations the categories of knowledge are recariosly bilt Holiday in Qina – Qina Travel 2016

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