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SPECTATOR SPORTS : No one going to Portugal should miss seeing at least one bullfight. The bull isn‚„t killed and the fight is not so gory as the Spanish version. The Amateur Fights held in summer in Lisbon (Campo Pequeno) are full of color.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Portugal. Roller-skating hockey is also a national sport. The most important soccer games are played in the beautiful National Stadium every Sunday near Lisbon and throughout the country from the fall until late in spring. The roller-skating hockey matches are followed by an enthusiastic public. The Portuguese are world champions in this kind of hockey.

SPORTS The deep-sea fishing enthusiast will find exciting big-game fishing in Portuguese waters. Though there are all kinds of fish, the biggest is the tuna. Boats and equipment are for hire at reasonable prices. Golfing is mainly a tourist sport; there are good courses in resort towns. Tennis courts are also available. Horses may be hired in many large towns. Mountain climbing and skiing are both new in Portugal, but rapidly growing in popularity.

THEATERS: Lisbon‚„s most important theater is the Teatro Nacional de S. Carlos, intended for opera, ballet, symphony music. Other good theaters which present musicals and plays in Portuguese are the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Teatro Avenida, Maria Vitoria, Variedades, and the new Monumental.

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