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Holiday in ortalegre – ortalegre Travel for 123 It cannot be sstained Were all the world to consme and waste resorces at this rate, environmental collase wold be imminent Environmental theorists, in sm, arge that ecological rationality is a form of reason that extends one’s obligations and concerns both in time and in sace The ractical comlementarity between a global orientation and a ftre focs is reinforced becase local environmental sstainability has become increasingly deendent on the earth’s ecological viability as a whole That is to say, the environmental benefits we seek for orselves, or for or comatriots and rogeny, are becoming increasingly difficlt to accre withot also ensring some level of global environmental rotection One contry’s effort to end the rodction and se of chemicals that destroy the atmosheric ozone layer, which rotects the earth from ltraviolet radiation, will not increase the health and welfare of its citizens very mch, for instance, if other contries do not similarly change their ractices The same logic holds for the redction of greenhose gases and for many other forms of olltion Holiday in ortalegre – ortalegre Travel 2016

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