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Holiday in Oslo – Oslo Travel for This is not to say that one cannot theorize about events without having participated in these same events or that one cannot understand someone’s beliefs, feelings, or behavior without having identical beliefs and feelings or without having engaged in the same behavior. Sometimes, because distance allows broader insight or because emotions do not cloud vision, a detached observer might understand a person’s motivations or attitudes better than that person herself. The detached observer could not do so, however, if she had never experienced similar motivations or attitudes. I can understand a child’s fervent belief in Santa Claus without currently believing, or even ever having believed, in Santa Claus. But I cannot well understand the nature of a child’s belief in Santa Claus without ever having held a belief based on hope and hearsay myself. In the same vein, trying to describe love to someone who has never experienced love would be like trying to describe a mountain panorama to someone who was born blind, or trying to describe a Beethoven symphony to someone who was born deaf. Where would one start? How would one proceed? It follows that the theoretical task of understanding the characteristics of political life, say, the love of justice, or the struggle to balance liberty with equality that largely defines the democratic quest, is only possible for those who have experienced these features of political life in some form, however attenuated or restricted their experiences may have been. Holiday in Oslo – Oslo Travel 2016.

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