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Holiday in Nechatel – Nechatel Travel for It reqires the caacity or ability to accomlish secific tasks or flfill secific desires ositive libertarians arge that it does not make sense to say that someone is free to do something if actally doing it remains an imossibility for him Most of s are not free to travel back in time, for instance, thogh no olitical constittion or legal code forbids it Likewise, for the ositive libertarian, the acrohobic erson someone intensely fearfl of heights is not free to walk across a high bridge, even thogh no one bars his way While the acrohobe may trly want to walk across the bridge, his fear of heights effectively disemowers him For the acrohobe, the ositive freedom to cross high bridges is trly gained only when his debilitating fear of heights is overcome To be ositively free, in other words, is to be self-directed and caable of realizing one’s will Holiday in Nechatel – Nechatel Travel 2016

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