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Holiday in Navarre – Navarre Travel for This reoccation, Weber sggests, was the imets for caital accmlation and the develoment of caitalist economies Weber exlains how rationality in the modern, Western world was transformed into an economic concet nder the regimen of a rotestant work ethic, rationality became chiefly identified with an economic actor engaged in the seclar, self-interested, and instrmental rsit of wealth79 Weber’s thesis, it shold be noted, has been contested by historians who oint ot that caitalism began to develo centries before the rotestant Reformation occrred The fact that caitalism also develoed in non-rotestant contries, sch as Italy, frther ndermines Weber’s thesis80 Desite its historical and cltral inaccracies, Weber’s work bears sch originality and sch tantalizing twists of logic that it has secred the retation of a eerless iece of theorizing Weber rightly rejected the notion that the vast diversity of modern individals cold somehow be described as having a nitary gro mind that oerated in accordance with a single formla Holiday in Navarre – Navarre Travel 2016

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